A magic potion to say Bye Bye to your underarm pigmentation!

by Alisha Sadnani on September 03, 2022

Confused about what exactly is Glycolic Acid and how it magically cures pigmentation? We are here to fly all your doubts away! 

Hold up, we know the word ‘acid’ may bring thoughts of chemical burns for most of us. But when used in the right proportions, acids are some of the most amazing components in skincare products. One such acid that is the potential in enhancing skin health is Glycolic Acid. Glycolic acid is a water-soluble alpha hydroxy acid popularly known as AHA made from sugar cane. It’s one of the most widely used acids in skincare products. AHA are natural acids that basically come from plants. Glycolic acid absorbs into the skin & exfoliates it even better. 


Want the confidence of fresher & brighter underarms? 

Raising your hand to grab an exciting opportunity feels great & so does wearing the clothes of your choice! But not when your underarms make you conscious and kill your vibe & confidence. Glycolic Acid helps in maintaining the underarm’s Ph levels. It breaks down the bacteria clearing up the sweat, creating a fresh odourless environment. Glycolic Acid when used correctly can do wonders!



How Bare Body Essential’s Under Arm Cream is your perfect match! 

Bare Body Essentials Under Arm Cream's main ingredient glycolic acid is everything you’re looking for if you’re suffering from underarm pigmentation. Some of the key benefits of the Bare Body Essential’s Under Arm Cream are the following: -  
  • Brightens dull & dark skin. 
  • Exfoliates & renews new skin cells. 
  • Leaves skin soft, refreshed, and smelling good giving you a fresh feeling throughout the day.

It’s time to raise your hands up & wear all that fancy clothes without any doubt!