Bid Goodbye to dry & chapped lips!

by Alisha Sadnani on December 02, 2022

Are you constantly licking your lips to do away with the chapped feeling? While this may seem like a feasible solution, licking your lips dries them out even more. Factors like genetics, health conditions, harsh weather and environmental conditions have a huge role to play in determining the health of your lips. While most of these may seem hard to control, we have just the lip care solution to give your thirsty lips a dose of hydration.

Why is lip care necessary?
Unlike the rest of our body, the lips don’t have sebum glands for oil production. They are also completely devoid of melanin, which protects the skin from the sun. Do you see why your lips dry up so easily now? But hey, with a hydrating lip serum by your side, your lips are going to feel so much better!

What ingredients to look for while choosing a lip serum & what are its benefits? 

  1. ARGAN OIL: - Argan oil is rich in vitamins A and E therefore it is a natural moisturizer and conditioner for the lips. If your lips are chapped or flaky, it restores the moisture and provides hydration by locking it in. It helps in protecting lip’s elasticity making them softer and plumper.

  1. ALMOND OIL: - Almond Oil helps to rejuvenate your lips by removing the dead skin cells and hence prevents chapped lips by keeping them moisturized. Vitamin A, E and K and the antioxidants present in Almond Oil helps to keep your lips healthy and protect them from harmful UV rays which tends to make your lips dark. Almond Oil is rich in fatty acids which helps to retain moisture and heal the chapped lips. The soothing property of Almond Oil helps to keep your lips soft and smooth, thus effectively lightening your lips.

Bare Body Lip Serum Roll On has the goodness of both the magical oils in it. With the Bare Body Lip Serum Roll-On, you’ll have moisture locked in like a pro. Get your lips to make hearts flip with the super hydrating, protecting, and moisturizing formula of Bare Body Lip Serum Roll-On. Made using Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this serum will not just soften your lips but also heal & protect them from further damage. What’s more, it also brings back the natural tone and sheen of your lips with regular use. So, start and end your day with a dab of this lush serum for luscious lips and restore your lips to their natural glory!