Bare Body Essentials Care Essentials Combo



  • Hand Sanitizing Cream: Heals and moisturizes dry skin
  • Surface Sanitizer: Prevents mold and mildew from growing
  • Sun Screen Gel: Shields your skin against the harmful effects of UVA, UVB and pollutants
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Product Description

Bare Body Essentials Hand Sanitizing Cream

Using sanitizer frequently can make your hands dry and rough making your hands look dull. If you thought protection cannot be gentle, you’re wrong! Bare Body Essentials Hand Cream doesn’t just make your hands soft but also sanitizes them. Made using natural and non-alcoholic ingredients, this hand cream is non-toxic and comes in a pocket-friendly size and can be carried everywhere! So ditch those sanitizers with unpleasant odours and get Bare Body Essentials Hand Cream to soothe, soften and sanitize your hands when you’re on the go.

U Spray Surface Sanitizer

A number of surfaces come in contact with multiple touches from different people such as tables, door handles, chairs, carpets, curtains etc. which become a pool of transfer for several germs and bacteria. Introducing, Uspray Surface Sanitizer Spray which will help keep you and your loved ones safe by removing a wide range of germs like bacteria, fungi, molds & virus. It can be used to disinfect and deodorize surfaces which come in contact with multiple human touches such as handles, knobs, switches, parcels and all other metal, glass, stainless steel and plastic surfaces. This is one of the best and versatile spray disinfects in one easy step with its unique and effective formula which can be used on various surfaces around your home or workplace and leaving it smelling fresh and germ-free.

Bare Body Essentials Sun Screen Gel 

Protect your skin from all forms of sun damage with Bare Body Essentials Sunscreen Gel. This broad-spectrum sunscreen has SPF30 and works against UVA, UBV and pollutants. It's lightweight, grease-free, non-irritating and enriched with anti-inflammatory Vitamin E to give your skin a soothing relief and also provides a burst of moisture to the skin. Use liberally ten minutes before stepping outdoors as well as indoors.

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Bare Body Essentials Care Essentials Combo

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Bare Body Essentials Care Essentials Combo


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