Bare Body Essentials Eat Sleep Burn Repeat - 60 Capsules




  • Slim and Sleep by increasing metabolism while giving a deep sleep
  • Reduces stress and boosts your mood
  • 100% Herbal and Vegan
  • Rest and Reset for a fitter, healthier and happy you
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Poor sleep and sleep deprivation have been associated with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, impaired mental capacity, and poor motor coordination. Bare Body Essentials EAT SLEEP BURN REPEAT Vegetarian Capsules allows you to get a deep sleep, so you wake up energized, rested and refreshed for the day ahead. A good quality sleep is very important for good health and weight management. These capsules improves gut health, increases metabolism and aids in digestion helping you to manage weight effectively even while you sleep.

Reasons you may be struggling to lose weight and get a good sleep:

Slow Metabolism: As we age, our metabolism keeps getting slower.

Midnight Binging: We crave for food with high carbohydrates before going to bed even after dinner.

Racing Thoughts: We all face the problem of uncontrollable thoughts at night which prevents us from going to sleep and achieving a good quality sleep through the night.

High Cortisol Levels: Cortisol is the stress hormone that stores fat. When you think you are feeling at edge before going to bed, that is because your cortisol level would have increased.

Lack of GABA: If your body is not producing the needed amount of natural hormone GABA, you would find it extremely difficult to go to bed and have an uninterrupted sleep.

Luckily, EAT SLEEP BURN REPEAT Capsules have a completely herbal and natural formulation that aims to provide deep and peaceful sleep for a rested, relaxed and refreshed you.

✅ Increase metabolism and enhance weight management while getting a deep sleep, and wake up refreshed and energised with Bare Body Essentials Eat Sleep Burn Repeat vegetarian capsules.

✅ Get the best of centuries old knowledge of Ayurveda and backed by science and research to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle naturally and with zero side effects. Let your mind and body rest while your metabolism stays active through the night. 

✅ A good quality sleep is very important for good health and weight management. These capsules improves gut health, increases metabolism and aids in digestion helping you to manage weight effectively even while you sleep. These capsules promotes your overall wellbeing.

✅ How To Use: Take 2 capsules every night, 30 min before sleeping and enjoy a restful sleep with a boost in your metabolism to help you burn fat. Use for 90 days, along with a mindful diet and regular physical exercise.



A herbal mixture for deep sleep and night time recovery that enhances the quality of your sleep, helps you fall asleep faster and aids in keeping you asleep.  


Hyoscyamus niger (Khurasan Ajwoin)

Commonly known as Henbane, this herb has been used to induce sleep since the first century. It is an excellent analgesic and is sedative in nature. It is responsible to give energy and to rejuvenate the body cells while you get an uninterrupted deep sleep. 


Acorus calamus (Vaj) 

Also known as the wonder drug in certain European literature, this herb causes your muscles to relax and induces sleep. It causes a significant reduction in anxiety and causes a prolonged calming effect, for a deep, refreshing snooze. 


Moringa oleifera (Moringa)

Moringa, rich in healthy antioxidants is a plant which is highly praised plant for its health benefits. It is an important source of many essential daily nutrients. Moringa helps multiple systems of the body

At a molecular level, which can result in better, more restful sleep, and leaves you waking refreshed and renewed.



The best natural and harmless ingredients for burning fat effortlessly. Although your mind and body would be resting, your metabolism would be active all night long. 


Commiphora wightii (Guggul)

Guggul is a fragrant resin used in ayurvedic medicine to promote health by aiding weight loss and suppressing appetite. Guggul shows impressive support for lowering cholesterol and maintaining thyroid health.



Glycyrrhiza glabra (Mulethi)

Also known as Licorice, this root is considered an excellent remedy for weight loss and is widely used for its detoxification activity. It is widely used to treat chronic acidity and also to reduce and reverse fatty liver problems. Along with a consistent exercise routine and diet control, this herb helps in burning excess fat from the body. 


Zinziber officinalis (Sunth)

This herb has been used for medicinal purposes since centuries. It has direct effect on the gastrointestinal tract and is used as an aromatic, spasmolytic and carminative. It helps to keep the gut healthy and aids in improving metabolism and digestion. 



Your mind needs to be calm and body relaxed to achieve a good quality sleep. Experience peace through herbs that relax the mind and promote overall wellbeing. 


Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha)

Ashwagandha is a clinically proven, ancient herbal medicine with various health benefits. It helps in reducing stress and anxiety ensuring a calm and deep sleep.  It is an effective and easy supplement to improve your quality of life and health.


Myristica fragrans (Jaiphal)

Most commonly known as Nutmeg, this seed contains numerous powerful compounds that can prevent diseases and promote your overall health and wellbeing. It shows antidepressant properties and is a powerful mood booster, making sure you wake up with a zen like feeling. 


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Good product. Like the result

Vidhi Shah

09 December 2021,

I am doing Yoga and following Ayurveda all my life. I have just started taking t

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Aarav Patel

15 December 2021,


Bare Body Essentials Eat Sleep Burn Repeat - 60 Capsules

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Bare Body Essentials Eat Sleep Burn Repeat - 60 Capsules


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